Hi! I did a black & white comic book (96 p) about a small cat in big trouble.
”Dumb cat” takes the reader down an adventurous downward spiral as a naive
cat attempts to join a card game of Priffle, uninvited. The cat’s unintended
audacity awakens the card players’ ruthless wrath!


Can the cat’s mysterious magic bag save him?
Can the cat’s mysterious new friend?


Looks like a kids’ book but isn’t, it contains some gruesome violence,
it’s pretty dark. The book is in English and it’s the size of the palm of a hand.


If you’d like to order it, shipped in an envelope:
Paypal: 12 USD worldwide to henric.wallmark@gmail.com
Swedes: Swish:a 100 SEK och din adress till 070-3463739


The comic book was hand drawn on paper, then printed by Interpress
in Hungary, they did a great job on great paper.


Henric Wallmark, b. 1982 in Selånger, Sweden, received his

BA in character animation from the Animation Workshop, DK.

Previous comic book work has been published in Blazing Squids,
Dimma antologi 1-3, C’est bon anthology, and self-published in

”Två fiskar som luktar på en pinne”, ”Furt”, ”Vi på landet” and

his most recent, slightly more upbeat, cat comic ”Gårdsfarihandlar’n”.





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